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Exhibit replicas creates lifelike reproductions of birds, animals, fish and crustaceans for museums and nature centers Our museum quality replicas are custom-made for use in botanical and zoological habitat exhibits

Our Customers:

  • Museums
  • Nature Centers
  • Exhibit Companies
  • National & State Parks
  • Environmental Education Centers
Reptile and amphibian replicas available at reptilereplicas.com
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Schools
  • Science Centers
  • Zoos
  • State Welcome Centers
  • Visitor Centers
  • TV/Movie Studios

Also see our full line of reptile and amphibian replicas available at Morgan Reptile Replicas.


Our Products:

Replicas may be purchased finished or unfinished
Realistic replicas are cast from original specimens, carvings or sculptures

American Kestrel

Exhibit Replicas
Lifelike museum-quality reproductions
Cast from original specimens, wood carvings
and sculptures

  • Birds: Original bird carvings
    by Douglas H. Mar
  • Animals: Original animal sculptures
    by Warren Kimsey
  • Fish: Original half-fish casts molded from real specimens by Joe Morgan
  • Crustaceans: Crabs and lobsters molded from real specimens by Joe Morgan
  • Insects:  Honeybee models are sculpted and molded by Joe Morgan

Our replicas may be purchased finished and painted or unfinished



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