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Exhibit replicas creates lifelike reproductions of birds, animals, fish and crustaceans for museums and nature centers We create bird, fish, crustacean and animal replicas for exhibits and dioramas
Our replicas are an ideal alternative to skin-mounted animals

Red-tailed Hawk (ER-DM-5)


About Us:

Reptile Replicas by Joe Morgan was first offered to the marketplace in 1989. We have expanded our line to incorporate a wide variety of turtles, snakes, lizards, frogs, alligators, and salamanders. We have over 270 unique reptiles and amphibians, and are continually looking for new specimens to add to the Reptile Replica line. These replicas were originally offered as unfinished products only. Today every piece in our expansive product line can be purchased unfinished or completely finished. We are now adding a new line of Exhibit Replicas: birds, animals, fish, and crustaceans, also available both finished or unfinished.

Each replica is cast using an intricate process that has been developed over the years. This process allows the replicas to look like they are actually alive. Our exhibit replicas are molded from lightweight durable materials and cast from wood carvings and sculptures and actual specimens. In this way one specimen can be used to make hundreds of replicas, making them an ideal alternative to skin-mounted animals. 


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